25 Things I’ve Learned By 25

by KRadmin
25 Things I've Learned

Hi friends, today I have a post about some life lessons I’ve learned throughout the years. I know I haven’t been around for that long of a time but I’ve definitely learned some things along the way that I thought would be helpful to share. So here it is a list of 25 things I learned by 25.

1. Family is everything
I’ve always know but as I get older the more I know this is true. What is life without the people you love in it?

2.Nobody is just like you

Every single person on this earth is unique. If your goal in life is to be unique, well you’ve achieved it because no one is you.

3. You can’t control everything

Being the self starter and planner that I am, this realization hits me hard. Sometimes you just have to let go and trust that everything will work out and fall into place.

4. Take a personal day

Seriously it took me 9 years of working to take off a day just to do whatever I wanted and it felt amazing! Yes, I ended up working on my own personal brand anyway but it was my choice and I didn’t feel the pressure of having to do anything.

5. Realize you’re not always right and that’s okay

I’ll be honest, I’m not one to engage in conflict but I do have a few topics that I’m have no interest in hearing the other side. Realize it’s okay to disagree or be wrong but just hear everyone out and accept that it’s okay if you have disagreements.

6. Make lists and cross stuff off

Maybe this one is just for my type A friends but I love lists. I’ve fully embraced my love for them and they’ve really helped me organize my life.

7. If stressed, go to the woods

I’ve had many times where I was on the edge of tears for a whole week because of stresses in my life. With no fail, every time I visit the woods and spend some time outside, my stresses disappear and I feel 100x better.

8. Hang out with your siblings

I love my brothers and sister. Life gets in the way but it’s important to give them a call and spend time catching up…and not just on the holidays.

9. Know that with a changing season comes a need for a new haircut

Maybe I’m alone on this one but it comes like clockwork. Every Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – I feel the need to re-invent myself and change up my hairstyle. Instead of avoiding it and wondering why I’m like this, I’ve decided to embrace it and it makes life a little more fun 😉

10. Read

Reading is great, it always has been and always will be.

11. Continually educate yourself

I had heard before I graduated college that the average person reinvents themselves about two or three times during their career. I didn’t think that would be me but now I can definitely see that. Education doesn’t stop when you’re out of “school”. Keep yourself up to date and keep looking for new ideas and opportunities.

12. Let your husband watch football

This one is a hard one for me, and I’m still working on accepting this fact. But honestly, football makes him happy and I want him to be happy. Couples don’t have to enjoy all of the same things and I think It’s better for our marriage if we have some separate hobbies. Even if that involves setting aside a few hours on a Sunday knowing I shouldn’t try to have a worthwhile conversation with him because I know he won’t comprehend any of it.

13. Invest in some quality clothing

There’s a time and a place for clothes from Forever 21 and second hand shops. But I’ve learned to bite the bullet and invest in items that you’ll actually wear a lot and want it to last. Yes, that $65 pair of jeans is hard to swallow but you’ll wear those for at least 3 years instead of that $20 pair that you’ll get sick of by the end of the season.

14. Podcasts and audio books are amazing

If I’m not listening to music, I’m listening to either a podcast or audio book when I’m working, designing, or cleaning. It’s amazing when you can learn while going through you’re daily tasks.

15. Coffee tastes good

I used to be a tea addict, now coffee really is life. I recommend a latte with almond milk.

16. Writing helps

Still getting used to this one but man do I feel better when I sit and write my thoughts down. English class was my favorite and I even won an award for my writing. I think this is one of my callings…

17. Don’t buy new cars

Unless I’m super rich one day, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new car. What depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off…a new car!

18. Have a budget

Let’s talk money. You’re never too young to start a budget. Figure out what you’re spending your money on each month. Yes it might be scary but it’s never too late to start working towards your financial goals.

19. Painting makes me happy

Watercolor is my favorite.

20. Workout – it’s important

Exercise keeps me energized and focused plus seeing improvements in my body is not a bad thing either!

21. Eat clean

I need to write a separate post on this but I started my journey towards a healthy lifestyle in 2015. Changing my diet has truly changed my entire life. Eating well affects your entire body and it’s amazing.

22. It’s okay to say I can’t eat this

This goes a long with the clean eating bit. For the longest time, I was so concerned what other people thought that I wouldn’t bring up that I couldn’t eat something and would suffer that consequences. Just say you can’t eat something, usually people will understand and if they don’t, well then good for them.

23. Tell people how you feel

I’m not saying be rude but I’ve learned it’s so important to communicate how you feel. I naturally am someone who holds their feelings in but I’ve learned how damaging that can be. Speak your truth, it will make you feel better.

24. Girl, go after your dreams

Don’t wait around for someone to give you what you want in life. Create the life you want and chase those dreams!

25. Be positive

Positivity is key. If you have a positive point of view, negativity can’t get you.

So there it is, 25 things that I’ve learned by 25. It’s taken me a while to realize some of these things on this list and but I’m sure I’ve got a lot more to learn. Hope this was at least a bit interesting and helped you learn a little more about me. And who knows, maybe one of the things on this list spoke to you. Now go read a book!

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