Creations Alterations

I decided I wanted to create an alterations business to feature one of my newest floral pattern designs. I love pattern design and I wanted to showcase it in a way that would speak to future clients and show how patterns can be applied to branding.

About Creations Alterations

Creations Alterations is a female owned small business located in a small town in Minnesota. Their target market is bridal gowns and special event attire.

Color Palette and Logo

I wanted to showcase their feminine esthetic without making the branding too “girly”. I used a script font combined with san serif font for their logo. The color palette was created using earthy desaturated hues.

Creations Alterations Color Palette

Brand Collateral

Once the color palette and logo design was finished, I wanted to apply my concepts to some collateral. After playing around with different layout variations, I decided to use my floral pattern as a background for the front of the business card. I also placed the primary logo on the front of the card so potential customers would familiarize themselves with the business and their logo upon meeting them. On the back, I kept it simple with business card information and pulled one of the flowers from the pattern to keep it balanced and cohesive.

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