Genox Inc. Website

Laptop Mockup Image Genox Inc

Web design has a special place in my heart. I even minored in Web Development in college because I found I really enjoyed working with websites in addition to branding and design.

Genox Inc. was a special client, they wanted a new look and new website for their business. They are are dealer for hyperbaric chambers so they wanted a space that would provide information to their customers about their products.

Below I’ve outlined the process I went through from designing a new logo to building a new website for Genox Inc. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Inspiration

Since Genox Inc. didn’t have established branding, the possibilities were endless on where I wanted to start. After talking with the client and getting a feel for business, I knew I wanted to explore a blue and grey color palette. Blue represents trust and wisdom. The grey is professional and timeless, perfect for a medical device dealer like Genox Inc. Here is the color palette I ended up using.

Step 2: Logo Concepts

This step started with my notebook and some sketches. The initial brainstorming step is sometimes the hardest but also the most fun step. Once I had a few ideas that I wanted to expand upon, I opened up Adobe Illustrator to give life to those ideas. Below are the logo concepts I presented to the client.

The client ultimately decided on the logo below. They liked the way the globe was incorporated within the name along with the dark blue color.

Step 3: Website Creation

Creating the website was the heart of this project. I use WordPress to create all my websites. I find it gives the most flexibility with customization and ability to expand. The client wanted a simple website to display their products and contact information. They provided the imagery and copy while I created the layout of the pages and developed the site. After a few months, the whole project was complete and you can see the live site here at This project was a great experience and in the end the client was thrilled with the result!

Are you in need of branding or website design? I would love to help you create your dream site. Please visit my contact page to get in touch!