Sewing Series: DIY Placemats

by KRadmin

I haven’t posted anything about sewing yet on this blog so I thought I would pop on here and let you in on this little hobby of mine. Now I am no expert, far from it, but I learned how to sew when I was very young from my mom. I grew up watching her sew quilts, clothes, dresses and basically anything that could be created with fabric. My love of surface design stemmed from helping her pick out the perfect fabrics for those various projects.

Fast forward to now, and my enthusiasm for sewing and surface design is still going strong. I recently received a new sewing machine for my birthday so I was eager to start a new project this past weekend. I needed some new placemats so I thought that would be the perfect project to start with.

I made them two-sided and added a white trim around the border.

I thought these orange and yellow floral patterns would go nicely with my blue dishes.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the results. I think it was a good project to jump back into sewing with and I’m eager to start another. Here is the pattern I based my placemats of off: Placemat pattern.

Happy sewing!

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