Top Tips From 2018 For Achieving Big Goals

by KRadmin

This past year, I’ve set a lot of time aside for learning and asking myself what my big goals are for the future. I’ve taken in a lot of podcasts, books and blog posts seeking advice and tips on achieving those goals and have come across some useful tidbits I wanted to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Create before you Consume

This is a great tip especially for the creatives out there like me. It’s easy to compare yourself to others on social media and it can instantly put a mental block up in your creative mind. Don’t pick up your phone first thing in the morning and scroll through Instagram, instead put a pencil or paintbrush in your hand and start creating. This will allow for your most authentic thoughts and you won’t be dragged down by comparing yourself to other people’s work you just saw online moments before.

Write your Top 3, and get those done

If you’re anything like me, you like lists. I love lists but I was finding myself getting overwhelmed by my endless bullet points. I would get anxious when I couldn’t check everything off at the end of the day.

Now, instead of creating one big list of bullet points, I write my top 3 tasks at the top of my list. These are the highest priority to-dos that I know I should be able to accomplish during the day. After that, I draw a horizontal line below the top three items. Below that line I write the rest of my to-do tasks. These tasks below the top three are seen as “nice to get done but not necessarily urgent” tasks that may or may not get done in that day.

It’s great to have this clear visual on my list so I know what tasks are most important. If I just have the top three checked off by the end of the day, I’ll consider the day successful and won’t get anxious about the items left at the bottom because I know those can wait until the next day.

Take 15 minutes to work towards your Big Goals every day

Big goals can seem scary and unattainable. This tip has helped me in so many ways. I know from experience; it can seem daunting when you’re trying to work towards something but can’t seem to start because of fear. This tip has helped me overcome my fear of failure and to just take my goals one step at a time. Break your big goal up into small tasks and tackle those small takes for a couple of minutes every single day.

So there you have it, my top tips from 2018. I’m always learning new things but I’ll be taking these tips with me in 2019 I can guarantee it. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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